Finding time to visit gun ranges when we are traveling

Think about the last time you were on a weekend trip. Was it for a wedding? Visiting family over the holidays? Maybe you made time for a reunion with old friends. Inevitably, you find yourself with some down time, or maybe you just need to get out and blow off some steam. My wife and I love to visit gun ranges when we travel. When asked ‘Hey Joe, what are you doing before the wedding at 6 pm tonight,’ I respond – “We’re going shooting.” ‘Hey Joe, what are you doing on Black Friday? Shopping?’ “Yes, I’m range, trying out new guns with Christen!”

A glass of whisky and a long chat

A ritual Christen and I have shared for a long time involves a whiskey glass, comfy chair, and space from our cell phones. We start by filling a glass with the evening’s libations – one small ice cube for me, neat for her. We lived in Kentucky for many years, where we developed a love for bourbon. Recently, we have been enjoying Scotch. After a good pour, we always clink are glasses together, make eye contact and say, “you and me, Always you and me.” By the time we make it half way through the glass we’ve covered a multitude of topics, whatever pulled our attention in a day. We have this theory, if we teach each other the life lessons we learn each day we’ll exponentially get smarter. We’ll learn from each other’s lives, not just our own experiences. I attribute the growth of my health, happiness, and success to this simple exercise. Make time for long chats about life.


I used to wear two necklaces below my shirt for years. I rarely let people see what I wore. But, I learned that the jewelry you wear tells people something about you. Just like a tattoo, your haircut, or the clothes you wear, you can share your personality through your choice in jewelry. When you acquire a strong sense of personal style, you can use jewelry to tell your story. It is an accessory you can use to proudly share a bit of yourself with the world around you. I design to empower others to express themselves.

Cool Shoes

I have a pair of Milanese shoes that I love. When I wear them, I image the cordwainer in Tuscany that hand crafted them. A design perfected by centuries of hand making shoes. I am also impressed by new technology in shoes. Features like breathability, and the crazy styles and colors new brands are not afraid to use. I love trying on new shoes and finding a brand that is better than the last. Having an array of shoes lets makes my feet feel happy and it gives me endless combination for outfits. I like having options.

Fast Cars

I still drive a manual. I’ve been driving a manual since I got my learners permit. My wife is convinced I’m a better driver behind the wheel of a manual than an automatic. “You’re too cautious in my automatic, you’re more likely to get into a car accident driving too slow in Miami.” If you’ve ever driven a car in South Florida you know you must drive aggressive here. A turn signal is only an alert for the car behind you to speed up and pass you. We both plan on me driving a sports car for the rest of my life. It’s just safer that way.