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I am a gun designer and currently the production engineering manager at Taurus firearms. I previously worked on the new product design teams for Remington and Marlin Firearms. I have contributed design work on 1911’s, pistols, revolvers, and rifles.

In 2016 I started looking for an engagement ring for my girlfriend. This inspired me to create my first piece, Silence is Golden. I built my own process for designing and manufacturing jewelry using technologies I was already familiar with from years of experience working as a firearms designer. With encouragement from my fiancé, I went on to create her a full set of bridal jewelry for our November 2016 wedding.

Joe Wall - Firearms Inspired Jewelry Designer

Silence is Golden

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Style #:  HM-R-001
Pendant: 14K Yellow Gold

In 2017, I finally decided to offer my designs to the public after receiving special requests from encouraging family and friends. I hope you enjoy my design work and that you will come back to purchase a piece for someone you love.