A Prudently Poised Experiment

What happens when you take fine gun jewelry and ask a model and photographer to collaborate on a shoot - WITHOUT knowing the story behind the jewelry; WITHOUT knowing its gun jewelry. The results speak for themselves! Photographer @b1gboss has a knack for capturing emotion through photography.  His experience capturing automotive, architecture, and landscape [...]

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Photo Shoot with @the1jbshoots7

Range Ready Photo Shoot All over the web, there are plenty of pictures of girls and guns. But not too often is fashion infused into the setting. Here, we took our own approach to a fashion-forward photo shoot set at indoor gun range. Collaborating with a strong team made this all possible. Take one [...]

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Changing the Narrative

Waking up in Dallas for the NRA Annual Meetings on this grand, albeit rainy, morning – May the Fourth be with you by the way! – the motto of the weekend is “A Show of Strength”.  We in the 2A community undoubtedly stand united, strength in tremendous numbers, ready to fend off attacks to our [...]

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