Fire Arm Design

The tools and methodologies of designing firearms are both exceptional and rigorous. Designs are sketched out, white board sessions are long engaging, and specifications are identified up front.

Joe Wall Fire Arm Design

The design cycle in CAD is a long one, where each detail is scrutinized over before a prototype is even built.

Each part is then fabricated by skilled craftsmen, using combinations of intricately machined components, 3D printed metals and plastics, and prototype sheet metal, all verified with precision quality assurance systems before assembling.

We test the quit out of each component – putting hundreds of thousands of rounds through a design and torture testing in extreme conditions before blessing it production ready.  Customers expect their gun to be safe, reliable, accurate, and ergonomic, no matter what their intended use case.

Jewelry Design

The jewelry design process is the same – only with less live ammunition.

We start with a concept, whiteboard out a series of concepts, and then start the design work in CAD.

After a series of virtual iterations, designs are  3-D printed directly in jeweler’s wax.

We work hand-in-hand with industry-leading jewelry designers to investment cast prototypes in either sterling silver or 14k yellow gold, then brilliantly polished to a gleaming finish.

Each piece is meticulously reviewed for quality and tested for fit, function, wearability, and appeal.

From there, master molds are created. Again, each new tool is reviewed and scrutinized to ensure the high quality demanded in the firearms industry is matched in our jewelry.

Just as people demand the best out of their firearm, so to do they demand the best out of their jewelry.