Joe Wall logo

925 Sterling Silver
14K & 18K Gold – White, Yellow, Rose

White Rhodium on all Silver.
Black Ruthenium on request.
Custom Options available on request.

Designed in cutting edge 3D software then printed
in wax to control precise design features.

Natural Diamonds and Gemstones in our fine jewelry.
Lab Grown Diamonds and Gemstones on request.

We craft our jewelry in fine jewelry materials using
cutting-edge, industry leading manufacturing techniques.

Letter from Joe

The journey of this brand started with a mission to show the beautiful side of the firearms community. Art, fashion and jewelry are the tools we use to express this vision. The way we style our jewelry is intended to disrupt the traditional fashion trends society expects from pro-gun advocates.

By making our products luxury goods, we have done something unexpected. A fine jewelry piece created with craftsmanship and care rarely infers political sentiments. Fine jewelry has a non-offensive nature and at its best, jewelry is used to share your personal story.

We use iconic shapes designed with incredible attention to detail in our jewelry line. These features are appreciated by keen-eye firearm enthusiasts. They also serve to educate, inspire, and spark a conversation.

We hope our brand bridges the gap between high fashion and the firearms community. By connecting these two we hope society will re-consider their opinions of firearms and firearm owners.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.