American Design. American Manufactured. American Made.

We’re proud to announce that all the pieces on this page are MADE IN AMERICA.
We design it here in America in our own office.
We manufacture here in America, contributing to American jobs.
That’s what is means to be American Made.

Joe wall bridal

Joe Wall’s Bridal collection is also made in America. Wedding Bands and Engagement Ring Settings.
We even source American Made Lab Grown Diamonds for our engagement rings.
Creating more American jobs, and offering a more eco-friendly engagement option.

At this time, Joe Wall’s chains are not made in the U.S. We source our chains from fine craftsman with a legacy of manufacturing gold and silver chains. Commonly, our chain supplier partners are manufacturing in Italy, China, or abroad. 

Joe Wall Diamond Cut Silver Chain

MENS - 14K YG 22" ROLO chain gold

Joe Wall Shooter’s Talisman Bracelet – 14K Gold

Joe Wall Bracelet Sterling Silver charm add