You want to propose – what is stopping you?

There is common misconception that if you tell yourself you are ready to propose to your best friend and start the next big chapter in your life, that the next part is easy and straightforward.  Once you tell yourself, “Yes, I’m ready,” the path is clearly laid out, everyone knows what happens next. But for a lot of men, there are still a lot of questions flying around in their head:  When do I ask?  Where do I ask? And the one question that typically has men hung up and casting doubt on the whole situation is:  What type of engagement ring do I buy?

It’s incredible that society hardly notices how big of deal this proposal is to the one asking. Consider that buying an engagement ring is the single largest purchases in your life for someone else – your soon to be wife. It’s a heugh symbol of commitment and endearment to save money, you could be spending it on something else, but you chose to buy a piece of jewelry for someone else. Isn’t easy to see why it’s tough to pick out an engagement rings. You’re not buying it for yourself, and buying something for someone else is incredibly hard.

Give yourself some credit here. Imagine you have $4,000 and you must spend it all at once on someone else. Even wealthy people care that a gift makes the other person happy. Since this gift is a ring it’s even more difficult. It has to physically fit and be comfortable to wear every day. On top of all that, the person you’re giving this gift to has their own personal style and desires that change. What she wants is likely a moving target. Lastly, the fairy book stories say the proposal is supposed to be a total surprise. It’s amazing how this elaborate tradition of the proposal still stands strong today. And everyone assumes it’s easy. Oh, how they are wrong!

Well, I’m here to tell you that its completely common and normal for those seeds of fear and self-doubt to start manifesting themselves when it comes to big purchases and life changing decisions.  Trying to choose a ring that showcases your love for the woman you want to spend the rest of their life with is a very big challenge.

Lets start breaking this down.

You are already here, reading this article, so it’s clear that you WANT to propose.  She’s an amazing woman!  You are excited about building a life and growing old together.  Congratulations!  That’s one of the first big hurdles to overcome.

The next obstacle is choosing a ring.  How much do you spend?  What is she expecting?  Does she have a favorite style she’s had her eye on?  Has she dropped you hints?  How much do you spend?  You love this woman.  She deserves the best!  You want it to sparkle.  You want it to be huge!  You want her to be the envy of her friends and family.  You want her to feel like the most amazing woman in the whole world! But how do you do that? How can you afford to give her that?  Have you seen the size of the ring her best friend has?  Oh my gosh that must cost a fortune!  How do I compete with that?  What if she’s not impressed?  What if she says no because of the ring?  Am I worthy?  What’s wrong with me?



Take a deep breath.  Hold.  Exhale very slowly.

You have nothing to worry about.  You are going to buy her an incredible engagement ring.  It will be what she deserves.  It’s going to sparkle.  It’s going to be big.  She will be the envy of her friends.  And you won’t go broke doing it.  Let me share a couple secrets with you. These are options that will make your process easier so you can take the next step.

Custom is affordable

Contrary to what many think, having a custom ring designed and crafted is affordable – especially when you go with a design house rather than a traditional jewelry store.  Why is that?  The modern design house, typically online only, doesn’t have the overhead that necessitates higher prices for their products.  Imagine buying a custom ring – and only the ring – and not having a portion of your purchase price go towards paying the high costs of rent, display fixtures, staff, etc.  Modern design companies like Joe Wall Design are in the business of making you happy and creating magic moments through custom jewelry while also offering you’re a fair price for custom fabrication.

Lab grown diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are changing the game for men around the world.  They give men the ability to buy bigger, better, more sparkly diamonds than even they thought possible!  How?  These diamonds are grown under precise lab conditions that is produces the most incredible diamonds the most efficient manner possible – which means that you are only paying for the diamond, and not all the waste generated in mining diamonds from the Earth.  Optically, chemically, and atomically speaking, lab made diamonds are identical in every way to mined diamonds.  The only difference is point of origin – and the fact that no humanitarian issues arose, no injuries, and nearly zero environmental impact was imparted on our planet.  And what does that mean for you?  They cost FAR less than mined diamonds do.

How much less?  On average, a lab grown diamond ring can cost as much as 65% LESS than a mined diamond of comparable size and quality!  You have nothing to fear!  Go big and be the hero your future wife knows you to be!  She’ll be blown away, and you’ll be sleeping easy knowing you didn’t break the bank.  We’re looking out for you.

Get exactly what you want – at the price you can afford

Traditionally, engagement rings are sold through a jewelry retailer. Name brands like Tiffany’s have some of the most iconic designs ready for purchase off-the shelf. These rings won’t be discounted, nor will they modify, to get to your budget.  Some jewelers have “build your own ring” options.  This can be tricky because each decision you make adds on to the expense, often with little knowledge of how their choices add to the final cost.

Instead of building a ring, you can ask a jewelry designer to create you ring based on a fixed budget.  You show them something you like from a catalog or Pinterest, and they will recreate it – carefully choosing sizes and suggesting the highest quality components for your budget.  Designers create digital renderings and can even print 3d samples in plastic for you to review.  From there you can scale it up or down in budget and size.

3D printing

Getting 3D samples of a ring gives you peace of mind. You can imagine what it will look like in person, confirm that the size and shape fit, and compare different features of the ring in person. 3D printing prototypes is inexpensive it doesn’t add much to the purchase.  For little more than the cost of shipping and handling, you can try your exact ring before it is crafted in your metal of choice.

Trust in Ecommerce

The Covid Pandemic changed the way we all shop – including for jewelry!  Many jewelers and major retail brands shut their doors or shuttered locations nationwide, giving customers fewer options to go in person.  When shopping online for a custom ring, be patient.  Typically, the ring you want will have to be made for you.

To learn more

If you’re interested in a custom ring project, get in touch with us. Joe Wall has been crafting jewelry for years with a customer-centric approach.  We know this is a big purchase for you, and we have your best interest in mind.  When it comes to getting you the WOW from her at a price that will have you saying WOW, we’ve got your back. Fill out the form below to take your first step towards your engagement ring.