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Want to bring your idea to life but you don’t know a jewelry designer?

I’m at your service.

I’m Joe Wall – a mechanical engineer by trade and I love making jewelry.

As your personal jewelry designer, I bring your piece to life using cutting-edge 3D modeling and printing technology, and present you options for metals, diamonds, and gemstones to really give your design the flare you deserve.

You may be looking for an engagement ring, wedding bands, investment piece, new business idea, or something complete unique.  Any project – big or small -think of me as your personal resource!

My wife and I started creating our own fine jewelry designs as a passion project back in 2016. Using our technology and design experience we’ve grown our passion into a nationally recognized brand. I’ve already made thousands of pieces and serviced hundreds of clients – many are repeat clients I hope to serve for life.

Starting a project is easy.  Submit the Form below!

Joe Wall will personally reach out to you – typically within a few hours – with a response to get the process started.

Engagement Rings

We guide you through the process to get you the perfect ring to propose to your perfect partner!  Whether you want to pop the question as a surprise, or want to design the ring together, we are here to help!

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How long does a project take?2022-05-09T11:47:55-04:00

Typically your custom design will be in your hands 3-4 weeks after we finalize your design. However, each project varies. Here is how our typical timeline runs.

Design: As long as it takes – it’s done when you tell us its perfect! We work at your pace. For some, that can be just a few messages back and forth, for others, it can be days, weeks, or longer. No rush!

Production: Approximately 3-4 weeks. Once you approve your design, we’ll manufacture your piece, finishing all the details by hand.

Shipping: 3-5 days (domestic), International (quote on request).  Rush Delivery available on request.

How much will a custom project cost?2022-05-09T11:50:35-04:00

Every piece of custom jewelry is different. Its tough to know how much your piece will cost without getting some key details from you up front.

That being said, we can typically quote you an estimate based off of only a few details from an initial consultation. The easiest way to get started is to reach out and ask!

As is the case with most custom work, we cannot offer one-of-a-kind high quality jewelry at mass-produced pricing. There is a cost to the process.

When do I get to see my design? Do I have to pay up front?2022-05-09T11:52:57-04:00

There is no up cost to review a project and price out initial options of your design with Joe. We request a deposit before we start designing  the details of your custom piece.  We’ll produce 3D models and renderings of your design for your approval before we start crafting your jewelry. Don’t worry – this deposit will go directly towards the final cost of your project.

Do you offer a warranty?2022-05-09T11:53:40-04:00

We stand by our jewelry 100%. Our reputation is on the line, and we want you to have complete confidence in us.

Manufacturer Warranty: We guarantee our workmanship and take responsibility for any structural defects.

Where are you based?2022-05-09T11:55:24-04:00

Our studio is located in St. Augustine, FL. We work with a close network of skilled craftsmen to bring each design to life – depending on the needs of each piece!

What is your refund/return policy?2022-05-09T11:56:03-04:00

We pride ourselves in getting you exactly the piece you desire. We won’t start producing your piece until we receive your stamp of approval.

Because each piece is custom made just for you, we cannot accept refunds once a piece is in production. If for any reason you are not happy with any aspect of your piece, we will work to resolve the issues the very best we can.

How do I insure my jewelry against loss or damage?2022-05-09T11:56:48-04:00

To protect your investment, we recommend you insure your jewelry under your homeowners, renters, or an individual jewelry insurance policy. We do not offer insurance ourselves. We can provide you all the details of your custom made piece for you to provide to your insurance company if you choose.

What type of diamonds/gemstones do you use?2022-05-09T11:58:04-04:00

This is entirely up to you!

We design around both your budget and your desires. We can utilize mined or lab-grown diamonds and gemstones depending on your requests.

Do you provide gift/jewelry boxes?2022-05-09T11:58:39-04:00

All custom-designed jewelry will ship in our signature Joe Wall Design gun jewelry box. If there is something unique you would like to see, please reach out and we can work with you to make your presentation great!

Can we make a lot? What if I need more than one?2022-05-09T12:05:30-04:00

Yes!  We are equipped to accommodate a wide range of quantity.

From your one-of-a-kind, fully custom jewelry design project to a design that you need thousands of for a special occasion, we can handle it all!

Regardless of the quantity you need, you can expect expert craftsmanship, quality, precision, and care with each piece we fabricate!


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