By Christen and Joe Wall

Who wouldn’t want this guy at their wedding?

Chief Nelson, U.S. Navy, captures the magic moments of weddings,

while making it fun for everyone.

When you are choosing a photographer, whether it be for fashion or weddings, thinking about the photographer’s personality and ability to work with models or wedding quests is very important,” Christen Wall says. The big day goes by fast, there are a lot of pictures you want to capture. Obviously, you want a photographer who can capture it all.

What else is important to you for your wedding photography? If you want edge, Nelson is the right choice. His passion for firearms and military shine through in his wedding photography. If asked, he can cross the threshold of traditional wedding shots to a shot that embody your personal style and power symbols of American Freedom

Nelson also owns a studio. TheTillettCollective. “When you’re looking for the absolute perfect shot you should consider the benefits of a photo studio,” says Joe Wall.  Lighting is crucial. In a studio you can control all the variables until to get it right. For engagement session you are going to capture the most amazing photo you’ve every had of yourself and your partner. You can play with props that have sentimental meaning to you. A studio is collaborative space for you and the photographer.

To learn more about Nelson follow him on social @theguntographer.

Feel free to contact us if you want more review or insider information on working with Nelson.