The Vault contains art, fashion and jewelry projects that show the beautiful side of the firearms community. These are the tools we are using to help the world re-embrace our American pride.

“I dream of telling stories where guns and fashion have never been before.”
– Joe Wall

My journey started at my wedding on a tropical beach in South Florida.

Bridal - Jewely - Joe and Chrisen's Wall 2016 Wedding

Bridal Necklace - 1911 Trigger and Diamond Encrusted Trigger Bar

Just like a firearm, fine jewelry is collected and passed down to the next generation. With my eye on powerful symbols I focused on developing high end jewelry designs that resonate with the true firearm enthusiasts.

Earrings - Three 1911 Triggers

“My jewelry allows me bridge the gap between high fashion and the firearms community.”
– Joe Wall

Couturier dress created by Fashion Designer Gabriela Medina

“Breaking these boundaries will force us to re-consider our opinions of firearm owners.”
– Joe Wall