Published Destination Wedding Photographer

By Christen and Joe Wall

It’s hard to choose a photo to properly dipict M Martin Productions’ talent. Instead, we decided to choose a picture of the founder, Michael. We were introduced to Michael by a professional fashion stylist we work with here in South Florida. We quickly bonded with Michael and knew we could trust him with telling the stories of our jewelry and our brand.

What makes him special as a wedding photographer is his dedication and willingness to go the extra mile to get the perfect shot. “I think that’s what makes him such an amazing destination wedding photographer,” says Christen Wall. Check out this photo from a recent trip Michael took to Yosemite nation park to shoot an engagement session.

“The word here is EPIC,” Joe Wall says.

If you want to see more about his creativity check out this engagement announcement video themed around The Purge. It shows how fearless Michael is and that he is up for absolutely anything you want to try.

Michael has been shooting photography since he was 15 years old. His talent has grown over the year and makes him truly ready to push boundaries. See here, he recently learned how to shoot underwater.

How does he translate this into his wedding shoots? He uses his eye for story telling to depict the beautiful moments you’ll want to remember forever. Check out his galleries and video on social @mmartinproductions and his website: