What happens when you take fine gun jewelry and ask a model and photographer to collaborate on a shoot – WITHOUT knowing the story behind the jewelry; WITHOUT knowing its gun jewelry. The results speak for themselves!

Photographer @b1gboss has a knack for capturing emotion through photography.  His experience capturing automotive, architecture, and landscape images is vast and loves working with one model in particular: @prudently_poised.  Together, they pulled off some incredibly powerful imagery.  The jewelry itself is of bold and powerful design.  In the hands of incredibly fashionable and talented artists, this new narrative on guns is mesmerizing.

The powerful emotions from @prudently_poised – fiery, seductive, embracing – speak to the power of both guns and jewelry.

For anyone not familiar with guns, it can be a scary topic to navigate.  Jewelry, on the other hand, is inherently non-threatening, beautiful, and inviting.  Everywhere we go, people ask my wife and I about our jewelry.  Wearing fine gun jewelry is an exciting new, non-threatening way to both start the conversation about guns.  It starts with comments like “Wow! That’s really beautiful.  What is it?” and evolves into a conversation about why we design and wear this jewelry, how we feel owning and operating a gun, and how we have personally grown through gun education.

Thank-you for captivating us!  You two are a tremendous team and great friends!

Stay tuned – there is surely more to come from this dynamic duo.

Staring: @prudently_poised

Photographer: @b1gboss