Mantra Ring – Smooth


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Shooting Mantra Ring
Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast
Size: 11 only
Material: Sterling Silver

You must learn to walk before you can run.  When it comes to training, whether with a firearm or in your career, learning sound fundamentals and good practices will allow you to make great strides seemingly effortlessly down the road.  Speed will come.  You owe it to yourself to dedicate time to your craft

In stock

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This product is a from the Joe Wall archive collection.  Products here are either first prototypes of active product, products used in photoshoots to capture the images you see in our shop or were pieces previously on display.  These products may contain minor imperfections from handling, but still embody the feeling and power of the Joe Wall brand.  Know that you are getting a quality piece at a rare discount!

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