1911 Trigger – Silver – Men’s


There is nothing like the feeling experienced from pulling a finely-tuned trigger. Close your eyes, see the shot as your fingers move about this piece. Keep your memories of training alive everyday with this powerful yet elegant amulet. Live confident. Live range ready.

Style #: JMB002
Pendant: Sterling Silver
Size: Approximate OAL: 24mm; Width: 11mm; Thickness 4mm
Chain: Sterling Silver 24in. Box Chain


A Prolific Firearm

The 1911 semi-automatic pistol has been one of the world’s most prolific firearms, serving as the US Military standard issue sidearm from 1911 – 1986, and has remained virtually unchanged for over 100 years. Learn more about the history of its designer, John Moses Browning.

I chose to design a jewelry piece of the trigger because the trigger is your intimate connection with the inner workings of a firearm.

1911 Trigger Sketch

Iconic Style

Three hole trigger is an iconic style well recognized by historians and enthusiasts.

Breathe steady.

There’s nothing like the feeling experienced when pulling a finely tuned trigger. Pulling back on the trigger, you feel the trigger bar slide past the magazine engage the sear.

The feedback is crisp, clean, precise. Squeezing further the sear slowly rotating forward, releasing the tautly sprung hammer from its secure nest in a sharp snap forward.

A chain reaction of controlled explosion, driving all its stored energy into the rear of the firing pin sending it jolting forward and coming to an abrupt stop as it crushes the primer found in its path; triggering a chain reaction of controlled explosion; launching projectile spiraling forward and slide rearward; recoil absorbed through your bones as the firearm cycles; charging its next round.

You release the trigger and wait for the short, tactile reset, the signal to start again.



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