by Kaitlin Gates

Designer Joe Wall has developed a line of high end jewelry that he believes firearms enthusiasts will be excited to wear. No more spent brass or cheesy fashion jewelry. His designs set the bar for new luxury accessories for men and women who love guns.

Joe isn’t messing around. He’s actually a gun designer and he wants you to see and share the art and beautify of firearms. His first lines of jewelry are inspired by three distinct firearms: 1911 pistols, AR-15s, and over/under shotguns. His pistol line uses two distinct designs common for 1911 pistol’s trigger.  The AR-15’s design is modeled after a bolt head which Joe calls “the Heart of the AR.” His golden shotgun pendant features an over under double barrel with a red sapphire as the sight.

Currently Joe is selling his smallest sterling silver piece for $126 and his most expensive gold necklace for $4,500. When you take a closer look at his social media page you’ll see that he has made several custom pieces that average a much higher price. For instance, the pieces he designed for his wife and business partner, Christen Wall, for their wedding is a diamond and gold 1911 trigger necklace with matching pearl and diamond earrings.

Why does Joe think he will succeed in a space where so many have failed?

“Just as people demand the best out of their firearm, so to do they demand the best out of their jewelry,” says Joe Wall. Joe uses a 3D printing technology to precisely print each design in wax, then make a mold. Each piece is then investment cast in sterling silver or gold and brilliantly polished to a gleaming finish.

Joe launched his ecommerce website last month. There are twenty-two products available on the website. A larger portfolio of products will launch this winter for his Christmas catalog.  He’s also in the works on a line of bridal jewelry that will launch spring 2018. To keep up with Joe Wall’s new designs and start your own Christmas wish list you can check out his website at