I miss my gun after I lock it in my safe. A firearm is a symbol of freedom, empowerment, innovation, and American pride. Since the age of twenty-three I have been designing and manufacturing firearms for the top firearm manufacturers in the world.

My jewelry designs are a reflection of my love and respect for firearms.

I designed my jewelry line with the intent to make the experience of wearing a Joe Wall jewelry piece as empowering as I feel holding a gun. I wanted to make designs that were so beautiful that when I gave it to my wife she would leave behind the meaningless trendy jewelry and replace it with a piece that made her feel like the most powerful and beautiful person in the room. Enthusiasts like us deserve high end products to be worn with pride, honor, and confidence.

Just like a firearm, fine jewelry will be collected and passed down to the next generation. With my eye on powerful symbols I focused on developing high end jewelry designs that easily resonate with true firearm enthusiasts. These first three iconic pieces are the 1911 trigger, AR bolt head, and the Over/Under shotgun. I made all my piece in sterling silver and gold because spent brass, stamped sheet metal, and fashion jewelry will fade with time. Precious metals are the only medium that can embody the strength and power a firearm gives you. 

I hope you enjoy our jewelry collection. Feel free to send feedback. We would be happy to hear from you.


Joe Wall