Tonya, “The day I met Josh my whole life changed;

the way he makes me feel is hard to explain.

It’s an unbreakable bond that we share that few will ever understand or know in their lives.

We both know how incredibly blessed we are and we both know how much we have deserved such a strong loving soul in our lives.”

By Joe and Christen Wall

We are big fans of Modern Gun Girl. We were introduced to Tonya back in 2016 when we first launched our business. Quickly became friends. At that time, we were just starting to make jewelry. “Some of our very first pieces we created we sent to Tonya,” Joe Wall. To this day, we still send Tonya prototype jewelry pieces to get her input on how it looks and how it wears. She has been a great friend through our discovery process. “Before we launch a produce to the public, we want to make sure it works and true fans LOVE what we’re designing,” Joe Wall says.

When we heard that Josh proposed to Tonya we were tremendously excited. “Everyone deserves true love and you could easily see that these two had that,” says Christen Wall.

Check out this cute note. Josh surprised Tonya with a pair of earrings matching her engagement ring.

Tonya speaking about Josh, “Your continued selfless acts of love are constant and relentless and I can never thank you enough. Cheers to many more my love.”

When Tonya and Josh honored us with the opportunity to contribute to their wedding by proving her wedding bands, we jumped at the opportunity. If you follow Tonya on social @moderngungirl, you probably know she has a great sense of style and fashion. It was no surprise that her wedding band idea was so unique. She wanted a two separate bands, rose gold and white gold to stack with her engagement rings.

Christen Wall, “Diamond size and shape was crucial to making this work.” We worked through several iterations until we felt we got it exactly right. We collaborated virtually via text passing back and forth ideas and styles. We shared rendered images to help Tonya envision the complete look.

When we shipped Tonya the rings we were anxious to see what she thought of them in person. “I think I held my breath for 2 days solid waiting for the shipment to make it to rural Alabama where Tonya lives and hear what she thought. As it turned out, our dedication to detail and passion payed off.

“My custom-made wedding band from
Joe Wall it’s beyond amazing!!”
– Tonya

Tonya and Josh will be celebrating their marriage on July 4th. They will be joined by friends and family for a beautiful ceremony and reception at their home.

We’re excited to see the pictures. Until then, please enjoy these engagement ring shots by Tonya, herself.