Joe Wall’s Shooting Mantra Rings will help you train and relax when practicing your exercises at the range. The Shooting Mantra Rings are part of a collection of stackable rings for both men and women. You can wear this ring on any finger.

  • Joe Wall Shooting Mantra Ring

    Breath. Relax. Aim Small. Squeeze.

    Shooting Mantra Ring $72.00


    Shooting Mantra Ring $72.00

  • Make Every Shot Count

    Shooting Mantra Ring $72.00

  • Precision Cut Band

    Black Sterling Silver Grooved Band $27.87

  • Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast

    Shooting Mantra Ring $72.00

  • Smoothbore Band

    Black Polished Sterling Silver Band $22.14

  • Checkered

    Black Sterling Silver Square Ring $51.30

  • Black Ops Band

    Black Sterling Silver Band with Black Diamonds $341.46

  • Hammer Forged Square Band

    Black Sterling Silver Square Ring $51.30

  • LOVE

    Sterling Silver and 14k Rose Gold Diamond LOVE Ring $324.00

  • Black Ops Dual Tone Band

    Half Black/Half White Diamond Ring Cast in Sterling Silver $345.51

  • 1000-Grain Rose Gold Band

    14k Rose-Gold Milgrain Band $223.08

  • Agent White Diamond

    Sterling Silver Band with Diamonds $351.00

  • Rose Gold Gunpowder

    14k Rose-Gold Band with brushed finish $341.55

  • Dueling Diamonds Ring

    Sterling Silver Black And White Diamond Ring $216.00

  • Illumination

    14K Rose Gold Diamond Ring $546.90

  • Buckshot Bloom Ring – Sapphire

    Natural Sapphire Cast into a Sterling Silver Ring $234.87

  • Buckshot Bloom Ring – Emerald

    Natural Emeralds Cast into a Sterling Silver Ring $234.87

  • Buckshot Bloom Ring – Ruby

    Natural Rubies Cast into a Sterling Silver Ring $234.87