“You have to Dream Huge if you want to make it to Big”

Joe Wall

Dream Huge

On its own, these are whimsical words that sparkle like stars in the night sky. You can see them. Right in front of you. Yet quite impossible to reach out and touch.

Now imagine for a moment dreaming huge in context of doing work:  Setting Goals, Making Plans, Taking Action…One step at a time

Define work in your own context:

  • Work to build your business.
  • Work to hone a craft.
  • Work to be a great partner.

Whatever it is you want to work on, set goals much higher than you think you are capable of achieving.

  • If you’re an artist, dream about getting your work in your favorite gallery.
  • If you’re a carpenter, dream of being the carpenter that people will line up for.
  • If you’re an entrepreneur, dream of building your business into a $1M, $10M, or even a $100M business!

Why? Why set such lofty goals?  Why push yourself to such heights?  Everyone tells me I can’t do it.  Impossible. I’ll never be the best.  Why don’t I just set goals that I know I can achieve?

Ask yourself…

Would I rather come up short on my realistic goal or come up short on my lofty goal?  Would I rather achieve my easy goal or come up short on your huge goal?

Dreaming Huge is a mindset. It’s about resetting your own bar and challenging yourself to grow. But it doesn’t stop at the dream. On the contrary – That’s where the work begins.

Now…do you have it? Can you picture your HUGE Dream? Can you see yourself up there?


Start planning. Start doing. What is it going to take to get there? The road to success is paved with:  hard work, emotion, tears, frustration, small victories, setbacks, long nights, great victories. Make no mistake – It’s a roller coaster.

I’m on my own journey.  I’ve got Huge Dreams.  I see it. It’s right there in front of me. Every day I wake up and take another step towards that dream. Another step closer. With every step I’m more proud of myself. One step closer. 

But what if I don’t make it?

Great question.

Honestly, I’m not worried about not achieving my Huge Dreams. I’m aiming huge for a reason. Hell, if some people heard how big my dreams are they may laugh, and tell me there is no way to achieve them.

And that’s ok.  Maybe I won’t.  But here is the deal…

Even if I miss Huge, I’ll make it to BIG.

And there’s a lot to be proud of, and to be excited about, and to be happy about there.

– Joe Wall, 11/2020